2017 Tour Season Job Opportunities:

Tour Guides

Tour guides lead guests on walking tours through the Traditional Knowledge camp and Heritage Center exhibit hall. Guide will play the role of a cultural ambassador, offering commentary and interesting tidbits of information about Klukwan, and the Chilkat people’s culture and way of life to visitors. Guides should have good story telling abilities, and be able to incorporate some of their own relevant, personal anecdotes in their oral presentations.  Guides should also be able to project their voice in order to be clearly heard by large groups of guests as they lead visitors through the different JKHC tour components. Tour guides must follow a strict timeline to ensure guests experience all that we have advertised for the tour in the time we have allotted for the tour. (click here for full job description)

Dance Leader

Dance leaders must coordinate song and dance, according to the amount of time set for the dance portion of tours. Dance Leaders will organize dancers, contact them a day ahead of the tour to ensure they will be available, and let each of the dancers know which songs are to be performed prior to performances. Leaders will also be held responsible for properly caring for their own dance regalia, as well as the regalia owned or on loan to the JKHC (to ensure best presentation). In addition to leading the song and dance and telling the stories for each song, it is important that dance leaders also interact with guests and make them feel welcome and appreciated.  (click here for full job description)

Tlingit Dancers

Tlingit dancers serve as cultural ambassadors for our people and must be aware that they represent our Chilkat people.  Dancers are held to a strict dress code and standard of behavior. . Dancers will be expected to arrive at least 15-20 minutes before a scheduled tour to allow time to don their dance regalia. Performances last about 10-15 minutes, and there may be several tours per day, often with periods of rest between performances, but not always. (Click here for full job description)

Gift Shop/Front Desk Clerk

The gift store sales representative sells retail products, including consignment items and ticket sales for the exhibit hall in the Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center.  Sales representatives work with customers to find what they want, answer any questions customers may have, and ensure a smooth and efficient sales process. In addition to retail duties, gift shop sales staff are expected to make sure areas in the Center—including restrooms, are clean and fully supplied prior to the start  of each tour, and must tidy up and replenish bathroom supplies as needed at the end of each tour, and periodically throughout the work day. (click here for full job description)


The Janitor will be responsible for cleaning both the Heritage Center Building and Hospitality House during the Tour Season—May through September 2017. Must have a working knowledge of cleaning products for different types of surfaces, and best practices for cleaning and sanitizing public areas. Applicants will need to be reliable and efficient, with good references. (click here for full job description)

Download JKHC job application

Bring completed applications to the Chilkat Indian Village Office, Bev Klanott, or scan and submit via email to: lhotch@jilkaatkwaanheritagecenter.org